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The Role of Women in Society


Good morning friends, pour yourselves a cup of coffee and let the party begin. Today we are discussing the first topic in our series on the role of women in society. So much has been said about the role of women in society and no one subject has received as much attention as this. For as long as one can remember, the debate has been going on about how relevant women actually are to our society. I am no expert in women affairs but as a woman I believe I have the right to weigh in on this age-old issue.

Let me start by going back to the bible; after all, this is where it all began. After God created Adam, the bible tells us that He then decided to create woman as a helper to man. The dictionary defines helper as a person or thing that helps or gives assistance, support, etc.” I will like to zero in on the support aspect of this definition because I believe that is what God had in mind when he created woman – for us to be support systems for our husbands. Having said that, does support equal zombie? I believe that just because we are to support our husbands does not mean that we mindlessly accept everything they do no matter how dumb (and yes, husbands can be pretty dumb at times, just like wives; but I digress, that is discussion for another day). So what to do? Does calling out your husband sometimes and holding him accountable make you a bad wife? I do not have all the answers and will LOVE to read your point of view on this.

Some might ask, is that all women are called to be? Just support systems? Personally, I do not think so; I think women are God’s masterpiece in terms of multi-tasking. I am still discovering new roles for myself after all these far too many years. Some women ask, what about my own career and needs? I always answer this with another question – does being a support system for your husband preclude you from a successful career? I do not think so, it is not one or the other. I think about Deborah in the bible who led Israel both militarily and spiritually and God was with her and gave her success. I believe that with the right priorities in place, we can actually achieve both. We just need to focus on being all that God has called us to be and depending on him to guide us rather than on our own understanding. What do you think? We will continue with the "Role of Women in Society" series next week with the topic "Submissive or Subservient: The Role of Women in the Home".

Do you have an opinion? Please write in and share with us. You may not agree with my views and opinions and that is okay, but I sure will like to hear your opinions. See you next week at the café and God’s blessings as you enjoy your coffee.



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