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Treacherous Heart 
An Award-Winning Story of Arranged Marriage, Forgiveness, and Love

Treacherous Heart premiered in Calgary on May 31, 2012 at the Scotiabank Chinook Cineplex Theatre and on June 2, 2012 at the Globe Cinema. As a result of the overwhelming support and numerous requests to screen again, Treacherous Heart presented an encore showing at the Plaza Theatre on July 14, 2012.

We premiered in Toronto, Ottawa Montreal, Nova Scotia, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Lagos Nigeria, and Atlanta, Georgia. If you missed the premiers, request Treacherous Heart on Netflix and hopefully, we'll see it on there one day!

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This story has you hooked from beginning to end

Treacherous Heart is a story about love, forgiveness and the redeeming grace of God. It is an inspirational feature about one young woman fighting obstacles like an arranged marriage and her own wayward heart. She finds out quickly enough that growing up in Canada does not insulate her from Nigerian social taboos as well as cultural and religious differences. Having completed school and now working, her Nigerian parents have arranged a very promising marriage to their friend's son but she is determined to find love for herself even if it means committing a cultural abomination by going against her parents. When she meets and falls in love with Dan, they must first deal with the skeletons from her mother's cupboard that threatens their love.

Cast and Crew 
It took an amazing team to create excellence

Olawumi Adeniyi

Montel Swaray

Emmanuel V Mensah

Kaylyn Gilbert

Phillip Eki

Queen Eghujovbo

Chengis Javeri

Zulie Alnahas

Ijeoma Chuku

Kathryn Fasegha as Writer, Director, and Producer

Aaron Bernakevitch as Director of Photography

Abdoualye Kone as the Assistant director

Alex Mitchel as Sound Mixer

Thank you to the Directing and Production crews. Everyone who was instrumental to the success of this movie cannot be named but you know who you are and we appreciate you and all the hard work you put in. 


We knew this movie was amazing & so did others

Nollywood and African Film Critics Award (African Oscars)

Best Drama in Diaspora 

Raleigh, North Carolina, 2012


African Entertainment Awards

Best Actress - Queen Eghujovbo

Toronto, 2012

Global Television

Global Woman of Vision - Kathryn Fasegha

Calgary, 2012

​Miss Universe Canada

Miss Congeniality - Olawumi Adeniyi

Canada, 2013

People's Choice Awards of Nollywood & African Film Critics Awards (African Oscars) 2013 Nominations

Favorite Director - Kathryn Fasegha​

Favourite Actress - Olawumi Adeniyi and Queen Eghujovbo​

Favourite Actor - Montel Swaray and Emmanuel Mensah

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